• Why You Should Hire Us

      Prestigious Investigative Services is a corporation that strives for excellence in every aspect of its business.  Our investigators work diligently on behalf of the client to ensure every aspect of the case is searched out thoroughly and documented in a clear, concise written report.  Background Investigators research prospective employees meticulously to ensure employers are getting the best candidates possible.  

      Live scan operators endeavor to assure electronic prints are accomplished in the best manner to be accepted on the first submission when possible.  Firearms instructors are trained in the best methods of teaching styles, utilizing state of the art equipment with the objective of providing the best learning experience.

      Ancillary staff work hard with all to reassure operation of an efficient office and business.

    • Our Services

    • Our Chief Investigator is a former law enforcement officer with 30 years of experience.

    • Prestigious Investigative Firearms Training Facility

    • What Our Clients Say

    • Mr. Elmore was very helpful with finding information about my lost family that I never knew. With his help I was able to get information that I needed in order to be connected with them. He is very thorough. He was very quick in his investigation. I was really surprise on how fast he was able to gather the information with the very little information I had, but he was able to connect the dots for me. I appreciate for what he has done for me. Without him, I probably would have never found my lost family.

      Joshua Estevez

    • I was very pleased with my overall experience at Prestigious Investigative Services. This business is very well organized and provides a high level of professionalism and service. Mr. Elmore is very knowledgeable. He provided a thorough explanation of the forms and the process, in its entirety. I expected it to be a complicated process, however Mr. Elmore made things run smoothly, by giving me clear direction & detailed class instructions. I am definitely going to recommend Prestigious to others that have a need for this service.

      Andrea M.

    • Had to write this review because I am truly impressed with the professionalism and knowledge that this firm has of the BSIS laws/regulations, firearms permits training and certification. I am a retired Peace Officer who had a glitch with the BSIS processing of my Guard Card & Firearms permit. Ardrick walked me thru the necessary steps and mandated training, even range qualification, so that I was able to resubmit the necessary documents knowing that everything was decent and in order. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I would recommend Ardrick and Prestigious Investigative Services a thousand times over to anyone needing a live scan, PI, Guard Card, Firearms Permit or the class on Weapons of Mass Destruction.

      Labarbara Nash