• F.A.Q.

    • How long does it take to complete a public safety background check?

      Upon receiving the personal history statement, pre-investigative questionnaire with accompanying documents our firm will complete the investigation within 6 to 8 weeks.  

    • As a law enforcement officer am I required to take a written examination for a guard card and firearms permit?

      No.  If you are currently employed full time as a peace officer and can show proof of your status, you will be exempted from the written examination.  Note: You are not exempted from being fingerprinted for the firearms permit. 

    • Will I need to be fingerprinted to receive a guard card only?

      Yes.  Any applicant in the state of California that applies for a guard card must be fingerprinted.

    • I don't want the HR 218 endorsement, does this mean I still have to renew my California CCW each year?

      Yes.  Aside from the provision of HR 218, California law requires every CCW retiree to qualify with their firearm every 12 months with the active qualification standard of the agency. 

    • Will my HR 218 and valid CCW endorsement allow me to carry a firearm on an airplane?

      No.  This legislation exempt qualified active and retired law enforcement offices from most states and local laws regarding the caring of concealed firearms. The carriage of firearms on aircraft is strictly regulated by other federal statues, the TSA, and airline policy.

    • Does HR 218 or my California CCW confer powers of arrest?

      No.  Retirees must understand that HR 218 and/or their California CCW does not confer or vest police powers upon anyone.


      Even full-time California peace officers traveling to another state, who are not on official business, generally do not have peace officer powers in another state nor would they be exempt from criminal or civil litigation if general law enforcement action is taken while off-duty.